Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No. 1130056 / School Code : 06830.

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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulation of Hostel / Room

Al-Irfan Secondary School is basically a residential school having five dormitories named

1. Quartaba          2.Aqsa         3.Suffa         4.Arafat         5.Huda

The Students who want to take admission in hostel should apply on prescribed form. The admissions to the hostel are exclusively on Principal’s discretion. The students who avail the hostel accommodation should strictly follow the rules & regulations mention below.

1 All residents must maintain personal hygiene and keep their belongings and premises very neat and clean.
2 Behave very decently to the fellow students and wardens. Indecent behaviors will not be tolerated.
3 All residents should follow the schools time schedule very strictly. Violation of this will lead to cancellation of admission from hostel.
4 Leave of any kind is not admissible during term. In exceptional cases Principal and Supervisor will allow leave if the reason is found genuine.
5 Parents or guardians can visit the school and meet their wards only on first Sunday of every month. They are allowed to take their wards to outside for a few hours and back by 6pm. The visits in any other days are not entertained.
6 Any type of electronic gadgets, mobile phone or any music devices are strictly prohibited in the school premises. If such incident occurs, the devices will be seized.
7 The full cost with penalty will be levied from those who damage the school property.
8 Use of Tobacco, Pan Parag and like materials are strictly prohibited and the violation of this will lead to expulsion from the hostel.
9 Parent / Guardians & Students are expected to strictly abide by the rules and regulation. Disobeying of any Hostel rule will be considered very serious and proper actions will be taken.
10 During in the dining hall is compulsory to all students. They are not allowed to take any food materials or utensils outside of the dining hall, except in case of sickness. No student will be allowed to conduct any party inside the hostel on any occasion.