Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation No. 1130056 / School Code : 06830.

About Us

School System

House System

All students are divided into four different houses. Extracurricular activities, competitions in Arts and sports are conducted house wise throughout the year. Winner hoses will be given with prizes and trophies. Each house will have a house Master from the teaching staff and a house captain and a vice captain from the students.

Hostel welfare group

In order to strengthen the residential system a hostel welfare group is working in the school. It constitutes Principal, Campus Supervisor, House Master, House captains and Wardens. Day to day issues of the hostels will be discussed and monitored by the group.

Student’s council

Student council will be elected every year democratically according to the system of voting. It aims to aquint the students with the students with the democratic institution and leadership qualities. .


To inculcate values and to develop skills in various fields and leadership qualities, many clubs are formed like Science Club, Nature Club, Arts Club, Tourism Club, Journalism Club, Literary club etc. Every club will have a teacher co-ordinator and student secretary.